SWC Affiliation No.: 37453 | PAN No.: 601180288
REGD. No.: 979/068/6


Since 2066 B.S, Various service Centre coordination committees, district coordination committees, district coordination organizations, mid regional coordination committees were formed in different districts, service centers (Area), districts, Regions, and National levels of the National Farmers Group Federation (NFGF), Nepal was Registered at District administration office, Kathmandu on 2068-12-14. The National Farmers Group Federation(NFGF) was formed by the meeting of the leading representatives of the farmer's group on 2068-05-23 at the Regional Agricultural Directorate, Harihar Bhawan. Formed by a gathering of farmers 'representatives from eight districts, the federation expanded its organization by involving farmers' groups. The first council in 24th push 2071 BS, the second national council in push 30th 2072 BS, the third national council in 26th push 2073 BS, the fourth national council in  3rd paush2075 BS and Concluding the sessions in all the seven states, the organization has now expanded to 59 districts and 3777 farmer groups have joined the federation.

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