Formation of Farmers Commission by the Government

The long-awaited Farmers' Commission has finally been formed by today's meeting of the Council of Ministers. National Farmers Commission was formed with the objective of protecting and promoting the rights of farmers by modernizing, commercializing, and diversifying the agricultural sector and formulating laws, policies, policies, and plans related to agriculture, making agriculture research and dissemination farmer-friendly and protecting the rights and interests of farmers, is done. Although the commission has been formed, the officials have not been selected yet. The commission will have seven members including the chairperson.

 Various civic organizations, including the National Farmers Group Federation of Nepal, have jointly demanded that the commission, which is directly concerned with two-thirds of the people of the country, be made constitutional. . We had submitted a memorandum to Baburam Bhattarai with attention. Ironically, the farmers' commission could not be addressed even though the other five commissions were addressed in the constitution. The way has been paved for the formation of the Farmers' Commission through the decision of the Council of Ministers.

This is a matter of great happiness for the organizations and engineers who are directly or indirectly involved in the peasant movement. However, there is no denying the possibility that this achievement could be a game played by some party leaders and some employees in the name of farmers and sidelining real farmers and farmers' organizations.