press release

Putting the health of the citizens first is the first duty of an accountable government. Nepal has addressed this as a fundamental right of the constitution. Legally, this is of great importance. It is the responsibility of the state to protect fundamental rights. The concept of a happy Nepali is linked to every healthy Nepali. For this, the government of Nepal has been importing poisonous vegetables and fruits which have a direct adverse effect on the health of millions of people. The decision of the government to stop the pesticide testing by withdrawing the decision taken in the interest of the consumers and productive farmers at the beginning of the opportunity to get a fair price for Nepali agricultural products has drawn the serious attention of the Federation of Farmers Group Nepal.

The Federation of Farmers Groups urges the Government of Nepal to immediately reverse the government's decided to stop the pesticide testing without any hesitation and to immediately resume the pesticide testing by strengthening the testing technology.