Impact of the small farmer friendly contract farming practice put forward by the federation on the Dalit community

The small farmer-friendly contract farming practice put forward by the National Farmers Group Federation of Nepal has brought a great change in the living standard of the Musahar community of Bhagwanpur VDC, Lahan, the Gorkhapatra daily reported on December 8. Other Dalit communities in wards 1 and 3 of Bhagwanpur VDC have started changing their daily routine by starting contract farming from the Musahar Dalit settlement of Bhagwanpur ward no 1. Before the introduction of this program, the Dalit community used to earn a living by doing agricultural wages. After inspecting the cultivation and its impact, the province no. Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Land Management and Cooperatives Dr. Govind Sharma has said that it will be expanded across the state.