Among farmers and concerned stakeholders, "Is the lack of chemical fertilizers a reality?" Interview discussion of the topic

Organized by Farmers Group Federation, Nepal, Agrotimes Media Network, and Media International, "What is the reality of chemical fertilizer shortage?" The thematic interview program has been completed on 2076.2.12. According to a study conducted by Farmers Group Federation Nepal in all the seven states of the country, based on the condition of chemical fertilizers obtained by the farmers, the retention of Chairman Nawaraj Basnet has been made public. Stating that he was compelled to request his relatives to bring chemical fertilizer in the form of Kosheli, he said that the availability of urea fertilizer in the plywood industry, which was not allowed to be used by the farmers, has created a situation where farmers should be aware and the state should be made aware. More than 40 farmers from all seven states of the country participated in the program chaired by Nawaraj Basnet, President of Farmers Group Federation of Nepal, and conducted by Asim Sapkota of Agro Times. Vishnu Prasad Pokhrel, Divisional Head of the Agricultural Ingredients Company. He said that the process has moved forward and the farmers have expressed their commitment not to allow a shortage of fertilizer in time of need.

Dozens of journalists including Yubaraj Gurung, Coordinator, Agriculture Promotion Committee, NRNA, Farmers Commission member and spokesperson Ravindra KC  and Rubber expert Tilak Bhandari, Secretary of Organic Fertilizer Producers Association Radha Prasad Shrestha and Rajan Gautam of GMT were also present on the occasion.