Press release

Civil society organizations, including the federation, have been protesting for nine years against the ban on genetically modified organisms (GMO food) in Nepal that have a negative impact on clean environment, human, livestock and overall environment. Restrictions are legal for all of us. The National Farmers Group Federation Nepal has drawn serious attention to the steps taken by the government to evade the Supreme Court's order and bring in wrong way.

Plans such as maize, soybeans and canola oil, which are said to have a serious impact on human health and the natural food chain and biodiversity, have been added to the plan quarantine and pesticide management center, saying that people will not consume them directly. As it is not only a question of clean production, consumption of manufactured goods and health but also non-reusable as seeds, it also increases Nepal's dependence on seeds. At the same time, it destroys Nepali agricultural culture, traditional knowledge, practices and basic Nepali farming system which has a direct negative impact on small, marginal farmers.
NFGF Nepal urges the government to immediately stop the import of prohibited items that have a negative impact on the overall natural cycle and also to make alternative arrangements for the state while respecting the right of citizens to food security and healthy food consumption.