Interaction program on effectiveness of livestock and parent insurance completed in Kathmandu

The National Federation of Farmers Group, Kathmandu has organized an interaction program on the implementation of the effectiveness of livestock and livestock insurance to benefit the general farmers by ensuring the access of general farmers to livestock and livestock insurance. Secretary of the Ministry of Livestock Development Uttam Kumar Bhattarai inaugurated the program as the chief guest. Guests include Kundan Sapkota, National Insurance Committee, and Udit Kafle on behalf of the insurance company, Anuj Lakhe, Co-Director General of Shikhar Insurance, Himalayan General Insurance, Lalaji Dhakal, and Representatives of 14 insurance companies including The Oriental Insurance, Sarala Prasai, Premier Insurance, Deepak Pokhrel, NLG Insurance were present.

The chief guest Bhattarai was of the view that the insurance company should go to the doorsteps of the farmers to facilitate the policy discussion for allocating 75 percent of the insurance premium paid by the government to reduce the risk in the agriculture and livestock sector. Kundan Sapkota of the National Insurance Committee said that both the farmers and the insurance companies have to fulfill their obligations to ensure the agricultural sector. He informed that there is a provision to take action in case of any delay in giving the amount. Representatives of insurance companies have been involved in ensuring livestock and livestock under agriculture. Farmers have complained that the insurance company has not been able to reach the villages and has not been able to pay the compensation on time. We are always trying to rectify such problems. He informed that the sum insured of the farmers is being paid. The company has not been able to provide services in remote areas on time as the insurance company is just a rumor that the commission is a rumor. He expressed his commitment to move forward by correcting the shortcomings observed in insurance and to helping the farmers to benefit from insurance. On behalf of the farmers of the program, Panchakaji Shrestha, Narayan Neupane, Chevan Tuwahamphe, Rasharan Sapkota, and Ram Chandra Palel spoke on the issue of insurance. The program was chaired by Shabhu Bahadur Karki, welcomed by Bhakti Narayan Maharjan, and conducted by Asim Sapkota.