Due to the reality that Nepali farmers, who have historically Carried the Deep Responsibility of nation construction via economic and social improvement of the country are unorganized, they have no longer been capable to come into the mainstream of the state. Nepali Agriculture which has been practiced by the common people as a culture has its own unique identity. According to the modern-day figures, agriculture is the essential source of livelihood for 65.6 percent of the population and contributes about 34 percent to the gross domestic product. Notwithstanding this, the present Nepali agribusiness isn't acceptable, and what's to come looks dubious. The departure of Farmers from the farming calling, expansion in imports of rural wares, reliance on tending to this present reality, and declining admittance to specializes administration.

Introduction To The Federation

The National Farmers Group Federation (NFGF) is an umbrella organization of farmers’ groups advocating the rights of marginalized, disadvantaged, women and small farmers throughout the country. Understanding the void of the umbrella association of farmers, the service Centre coordination committee, district coordination committee, district coordination organization, mid regional coordination committee was formed in different districts, service center (Area), District, Regions, and National levels of the National Farmers Group Federation (NFGF), Nepal was Registered at District administration office, Kathmandu on 2068-12-14. The National Farmers Group Federation (NFGF) was formed by the meeting of the leading representatives of the farmer's group on 2068-05-23 at the Regional Agricultural Directorate, Harihar Bhawan.

The Federation is moving forward advocating for the right of farmers as a bridge between the state and farmers by coordinating the organized farmer's groups at the village area, district level, and central level for the protection and promotion of the agricultural sector.


Autonomous, self-reliant, resource federation and prosperous farmers.


Awareness of farmers for food and nutrition security, right to food and food sovereignty, recognizance of agriculture as a respectable profession, a transformation from subsistence to professionalism, making the country self-reliant via sustainable agriculture, and setting up itself as an exporting country. the federation aims to make contributions to economic improvement and amplify the capability of farmer member's groups as well as round up groups working mutually in the community, access to local resources, amplify investment in agriculture, decentralization of agricultural extension services, and access to small farmers.

The Goal

To enrich the farming Community today through sustainable agriculture while ensuring farmer's empowerment and inclusive participation of women and marginalized farmers.