• To expand the organization of the federation from the center to the district and to VDC.
  • To bring the issues of farmer's rights before the concerned area and body.
  • To increase the capacity of district and national officials from the federation's VDC.
  • To strengthen the managerial and institutional aspects of the federation.
  • To inform the farmers about the agricultural policies and rules prepared by the government of Nepal and to assist in their implementation.
  • To conduct the study, advocacy, and pressure programs for policy making, change, and implementation.
  • To identify the issue of the farmers and lobby the concerned bodies.
  • To make the budget of the local bodies investing in the agricultural sector to operate effectively in the agricultural sector, to increase the access of the farmers.
  • To include the youth in the agricultural profession by making the agricultural profession professional and dignified.
  • To establish the production of the farmers as the concern of the state.
  • To build a network at the national and international level among the stakeholders working in the field of agriculture and development.
  • To study and research the issue related to agriculture and development.
  • To exchange experiences and bodies with local and foreign organizations.
  • To cooperate with national and international organizations on the issues of agriculture, farmers, land, and food rights.