The objectives of the federation will be as follows to fulfill the desires of the federation:

  • To implement various programs as per the goals of the federation and to monitor and evaluate their results and effects regularly.
  • To exchange experiences by enhancing mutual cooperation and harmony among all the farmer's group members of Nepal and to establish interrelationships between groups, between groups and federations, and between groups and stakeholders.
  • To Coordinate with a variety of governmental and non-governmental organizations at all levels, to construct a network, and also coordinate the farmer group with a number of bodies and organizations.
  • To behavior continuous marketing campaigns to make sure democratization, inclusion, accurate governance, and fairness of the farmer's crew and its organizational units and related level.
  • To elevate awareness among the people to conduct campaigns such as emphasis on organic agriculture, conservation, and advertising of indigenous species in order to maintain a balanced environment at some point in the development of the Agricultural sector.
  • To motivate and facilitate the applicable and equitable distribution and utilization of sources received from the state and non-state to increase the financial and social reputation of disadvantaged communities.
  • To attain out the policy crew to rectify the practical flaws in the authority's coverages and law and to take motion to draw the attention of the government of Nepal to the ambiguity, confusion, and sudden recurring contentious issues in the implementation of the policy regulation and program.
  • Always be vigilant in defending and promoting the right and interests of the farmer's group and make effort to protect the agricultural area which is the national backbone and raise focus among the ignorant groups about the policy and guidelines of the federation.
  • To provide support and encouragement to the farmer corporations by means of conducting programs such as demonstration, operation, and research of various income-earning activities to increase the financial fame of the farmers in the agricultural sector.
  • To facilitate the basic knowledge related to agricultural enterprises and advertising and marketing of agricultural merchandise to be established and operated with the involvement of farmer's group.
  • To assist the farmer's groups in the method of certification of sustainable agricultural and organic products required for the global advertising and marketing of agricultural products and to take imperative moves for the promotion of alternatives and renewable energy.
  • To run programs associated with primary offerings such as education, health, drinking water, communication, forest, etc. to be operated at the community level.
  • To amplify awareness among the farmer's groups about the significance of endangered natural resources and biodiversity and inspire them to preserve, enhance and utilize the traditional knowledge and skills of the community associated with its management and utilization and to create a conducive environment for cooperation among the stakeholders.
  • To guide the desire and want of the farmers for different community improvement activities to continue and strengthen the improvement procedure of the farmer's group.
  • To conduct programs in coordination with the concerned bodies for raising awareness and adaptation of climate change and its impact on the agricultural sector.
  • To conduct programs and advocate for food and nutrition security and the right to food in coordination with the concerned bodies.